Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois

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Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois – The University of Saint Francis College of Education has been educating teachers since 1925 and is committed to providing engaging, high-quality programs designed to address the challenges facing today’s educators.

The University of Saint Francis College of Education has been educating teachers since 1925 and is committed to providing engaging and high-quality programs that meet the ever-changing role of today’s educators.

Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois

Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois

Teacher candidates can add endorsements to their teaching license after completing certain courses and required ISBE exams. Courses required for this admission may sometimes be considered electives within their program. The three most popular recommendations

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The Licensed Master of Education (M.Ed.) program is designed to provide students with a master’s degree and approval for Illinois professional teaching licensure in one of the following:

Illinois Professional Teacher Licensure Information: – Graduate Approval Courses – Real – Real Teaching 0 Credits/Enrichment Workshop) | Register for this workshop

The Regional Education Academy for Leadership (REAL) at the University of St. Francis was founded in 2002 as a dedicated initiative to foster strong relationships with the academic community. On a per-partnership basis, professional development opportunities for regular teachers assigned as exceptional students are provided. REAL’s ultimate goal is to enrich the learning experience and success of all students by supporting the professional growth of teachers through mentoring, courses, conferences, and other learning opportunities.

Education Pathway Dual Credit Courses for High School Students The University of Saint Francis is proud to offer dual credit courses that focus on the teaching profession. High school students find great value in the opportunity to truly explore teaching as a career while earning college credit. The courses in the Educational Pathways Series continue to support USF’s ongoing efforts to identify and prepare the next generation of exceptional educators to serve the children in our communities’ schools.

Online Courses Catalogue

Visit our Dual Credit Overview page to see sample lesson plans and learn how you can bring lessons from this series to your high school! Dual Credit Accreditation Courses for Licensed Teachers See the Dual Credit Accreditation Courses accordion/Actual Program tab: All Courses page for current course topics and semester schedules.

At USF, we believe that outstanding teachers can make a difference in the lives of their students, and that every student deserves to work with outstanding teachers. Therefore, the College of Education is committed to providing inclusive and quality education programs that prepare teachers to meet the challenges of today’s schools. Our programs are based on the Franciscan values ​​of respect, compassion, service, and integrity, and our faculty is dedicated to providing an educational experience that allows students to realize their full potential while understanding, serving the community, and growing professionally. .

I encourage you to learn more about our programs and join our student community as we continue to make a positive impact on society.

Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois

Saint Francis University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (, a regional accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education. College of Education programs are also accredited by the Illinois State Board of Education (

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The mission and philosophy of the College of Education is closely related to the history and mission of the institution. USF’s commitment to producing quality educators can be traced back to 1865 when the Third Order of St. Francis Mary. Another concern of the sisters was preparing the teachers for the school work of the church. In 1920, the Sisters of St. Francis Mary Immaculate received a charter to open a “New College” so that women could “pursue advanced studies integrated with Catholic principles and built according to Catholic ideals.” The college was chartered in 1925; classes, including academic courses, began in the fall of 1925. In May 1926, the State Board of Education authorized the issuance of first class certificates. In time, New College became Assisi Junior College, and in the fall of 1930, with the addition of a graduate program, the institution’s name was changed to St. Francis College. is described as a college of liberal arts and sciences. In January 1998, the College of St. Francis accepted university status and became the University of St. Francis.

Based on a Catholic, Franciscan mission, the College of Education affirms its ability to prepare teachers to meet the needs of today’s society and its commitment to building a legacy of quality educational programs. The College of Education strives to be a leading education department, providing a continuum of quality programs and services to pre-service and in-service teachers.

Mission of the College of Education The mission of the College of Education is to prepare competent and caring teachers who understand students, serve the community, and develop professionally to become ethical decision makers and leaders.

The philosophy of the College of Education is expressed in three core principles and related principles that guide our mission and are integrated into all aspects of our programs. These goals (Understanding Students, Serving the Community, and Achieving Our Professional Identity) represent a shared vision for achieving the goals of our department and institutions and outline the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a USF graduate to acquire in our programs. . The Framework is the product of shared understanding among a diverse range of stakeholders, including faculty and administrators in professional education programs, representatives of the campus community at large, the P-12 public and private school community, and applicants. The principles are drawn from our institutional principles, national principles, and academic research and developed in collaboration with the professional community.

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The core of every learning experience is in the student, and every educational experience must begin with the individual student in mind. In doing so, the College of Education supports a student-centered approach to teaching and learning that acknowledges and values ​​the individual differences and differences that each child or youth brings to learning. To that end, our programs strive to develop teachers and administrators who nurture the whole person and create appropriate learning environments that allow all students to reach their full potential. Because of the important role that technological resources play in accessing and using information in today’s society, technology is seen as an important factor in providing an appropriate and comprehensive learning experience.

Our patron Saint Francis emphasized the essence of love and brotherhood and transcended his social status to help those in need. As St. Francis gave up wealth and luxury to fight poverty and dedicate himself to helping the poor and the weak, so the College of Education embraces the community and its needs. Our programs reach the wider community in partnership with schools, religious institutions, social service agencies, businesses and governments. Students are expected to view their teaching work as a vocation where the needs of their students and the community are paramount. Service is not limited to schools, but can extend to families, communities, and work cultures. The College of Education believes that serving culturally disadvantaged populations should be a priority for educators, and values ​​practices that promote systemic change and social justice for community improvement.

The College of Education expects its members and qualified students to adhere to the highest professional standards. Teachers have professional responsibilities to the community, to students, to their colleagues and to the profession. One manifestation of these responsibilities is seen in professional preferences. The principles outlined in the College of Education’s Code of Professional Conduct are intended to provide a clear definition of the professional attitudes, characteristics, and actions required of candidates. The College of Education fosters these professional qualities by immersing candidates in a professional culture that reflects a practice that leads to holistic, lifelong learning and continuous development.

Best Colleges For Teaching Degrees In Illinois

Explore the teaching profession and start preparing for your future! Practical experiences like the Future Educator Summer Academy and dual-credit education track courses can help you discover if your heart calls you to help students in your community.

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USF is proud to offer a variety of classroom resources and continuing education experiences to students at your school to promote a career in teaching. Learn more about creating your own initiative and join our efforts to train the next generation of teachers to help children in our communities.

The University of Saint Francis is proud to offer three dual credit courses with a concentration in teaching. Your high school students will greatly benefit from the opportunity to truly explore teaching as a career while earning college credit.

The University of Saint Francis is one of 24 colleges and universities in Illinois currently participating in ISBE’s pilot program to develop future teacher recruitment and retention programs.

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