Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future

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Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future – The AI ​​revolution has begun, heralding a future in which most human activities will no longer be needed or required

Dark blue indicates areas where AI will not be effective. Light blue represents areas where AI will improve productivity. Gray represents areas where AI could completely replace human labor. Surprisingly, there is no time limit on these calculations

Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future

Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future

View Gallery – 4 Images Two-thirds of Euro/US jobs are set to be replaced by AI takeover, and about one-quarter of all existing jobs will be taken over by AI, according to a bombshell report from Goldman Sachs analysts. Here are the jobs that will be the hardest.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a slow, buggy, boring chat bot that often speeds things up and cuts off replies. But he communicates as well or better than most people and also writes code. He works both in several languages, sometimes showing some skill and creativity. He’s learning at a pace the world has never seen before, and is already capable of doing amazing (and fast) things that no one ever taught him how to do. It can complete these tasks in a fraction of a human’s time at no cost.

This is a rough preview of the whirlwind of AI systems launching in the coming months and years, each becoming smarter, faster, smarter and more integrated with our lives and devices. The amazing capabilities of GPT-4 as an “any machine” will look incredibly crude in a year or two.

We all know AI automation is coming for jobs; Most people would never have thought that jobs involving communication and creativity would be among the first to be conquered. But today, who pays a design firm to come up with a logo when MidJourney can provide hundreds of options in any style for free with quick turnaround times?

A friend of mine, who runs a very large company, told me over the weekend that he will be working with GPT-4, and he has developed a personalized test designed specifically for his industry, exactly like Myers-Briggs. Like (ie, nothing). It has management plans designed for specific personality types, as well as guidebooks to help people understand their own type and work best with other types. They coded it into a website that would test employees with multiple-choice questions, then rate them and assign them to their teams. All companies are built around these types of IPs; He created something in about half an hour that he would be happy to use, from next to nothing. Seismic changes are underway.

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The Goldman Sachs report is an attempt to make some predictions about what this seismic shift might mean for economic growth. Well, I say, to take your best shot when looking at constantly changing, less intuitive and rapidly evolving technology.

“If general AI delivers the opportunities it promises, the labor market may face major challenges,” the report said. “Using data on careers in the US and Europe, we found that about two-thirds of daily jobs are exposed to some degree of AI automation, and one percent could be replaced by artificial intelligence based on AI. Current jobs Four out of four. Expanding our data globally shows that the development of AI could expose the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs to automation.”

On the other hand, new jobs will be created here and, their growth with lower labor costs, “will increase the potential for economic growth.” Goldman makes a conservative estimate: “AI could increase annual growth of the US labor force by less than 1.5 pp over 10 years after widespread adoption,” but the group believes that if AI proves capable This figure could be even higher. by doing this. difficult task. Predicting the ultimate economic impact? “AI could ultimately increase annual global GDP by 7%.”

Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future

7% of the entire world GDP is certainly an impressive amount of money. But think of it this way: You, me, and everyone else would have access to something that looks like an army in a box, which can accomplish your tasks almost as fast as you can. Tell him. We should reduce the amount of busy work we do. Most great ideas will take no time or effort to implement. 7% seems ridiculous in this light, although it is worth noting that a zero-effort implementation would also reduce the cost of output products to almost zero.

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Furthermore, Goldman took on the responsibility of working on projects that would be more difficult, at least given what we understand about the technology. This makes for interesting reading, especially if your kids are in school at the moment.

The report predicts “particularly high risk in management (46%) and legal (44%) occupations and lower risk in physical professionals such as construction (6%) and maintenance (4%). The impact will be felt more in developed countries than in emerging markets, he said, as the latter rely heavily on manual labour, and it seems they are on the right track, with cheap plastics still common.

According to this report, the categories where the highest percentage of jobs will be more or less completely unaffected by AI automation are construction and cleaning and maintenance (~95%), followed by installation, maintenance and repair (~85%) Are. , construction and development (~75%), manufacturing (~72%), transportation and mobility (~65%), and related food and service programs (~50%).

On the other hand, almost everyone on the right side of the spectrum can expect AI to transform their jobs. This includes workers in health, agriculture, manufacturing, management, marketing, public works, finance, education and computing. However, Goldman doesn’t expect to see many job losses in these areas.

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After admin and legal, where about half of all jobs are expected to be at risk, Goldman estimates that the categories most at risk of job change include architecture and engineering (about 10% of jobs are expected to disappear), life , physical and social. , Science (~8%), Food Processing & Service (~7%), Manufacturing (~7%), Business & Financial Services (~4%), and Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports & Media (~3%).

Overall, the report predicts that about 7% of American workers will be thrown out of their jobs by AI – and most of them will find new jobs at “much lower jobs.”

Overall, the report looks pretty good from where we stand – maybe it’s in the red. The next wave of AI will be professional communicators who can learn almost any pattern instantly, and perform complex tasks – with understanding and skill gained quickly – based on normal written words or in any language of your choice. I can speak. If you don’t like what they’ve made you wear, they’ll immediately alter it, or start over, without any complaints. Industry specialists are already trained and refined to handle certain tasks.

Careers That Will Be Needed In The Future

Moreover, GPT-4 has already become a variety – it began to show amazing abilities to translate images, audio and video and provide amazing information from what was seen and what was heard.

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Furthermore, humanoid robots are certainly making progress – even if slowly. It’s hard to imagine that in ten years, there won’t be Androids that can perform some useful functions. These will start out as some of the worst trainees ever, but they will watch, learn, and refine their knowledge as they share it as a group.

GPT-4 already sees a photo of the dining room and tells the blind person where to go to the bathroom, or where the empty table is. Entering a robot that can make physical changes to the world around it, I find it hard to believe that this type of intelligence will even struggle with most physical activities for long.

Yet no one is willing to put a timetable on top intelligence officials – where AI becomes more capable than humans at most tasks. But it’s hard to look at the rapid growth of GPT and conclude that humans are unique and AI and robots can’t imitate us or do things better. It seems to me that in the medium term, working on cultural and future issues will be very beneficial for us, but future issues are becoming less and less important over time.

As a technical writer, the writing is definitely on the wall for my coworkers and me; This piece took me all day, whereas ChatGPT can give you a summary report in less than a minute. At this stage, we decide not to use it. How do you feel about things in your career?

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