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Top Jobs In Demand For Future – Source: Framestock Footage/Shutterstock 2022 LinkedIn “Jobs on the Rise” A report on the fastest growing roles is out and guess what? Half of the top 10 list for tech jobs! Canada’s labor market over the past five years in its latest “Job Growth” report. The publication aims to showcase the most in-demand jobs from the pre-pandemic period to today. Not surprisingly, technical positions fill most of the top 10 list. In a country that is increasingly connected and today has a reference to deep technology, the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada are expected to have a central demand for technology in the long term. The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada and the Fastest Growing Jobs As of 2017, LinkedIn states that the fastest growing jobs are the best way to predict the mid- to long-term job market. Check out the graph below of the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada according to growth rate. The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to some of the roles listed above, namely the vaccine specialist. Due to the predictions about the fight against the coronavirus – mainly in terms of preventive solutions – it is fair to believe that many specialists in biomedicine and public health will continue to appear on the list of in-demand jobs. It is also correct to assess the development of vacancies in the technology sector, regardless of area. Almost every industry today is a technology sector, so it’s no surprise that tech jobs are high on these top 10 jobs reported by LinkedIn. We took the tech jobs listed from LinkedIn’s 10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Canada report and filtered it according to the top 10 in-demand industries. The first level, site reliability engineers (software engineers, etc.), automate tools to guarantee high performance and reliability of the system. In a technology market like the Canadian one, the demand for security engineers (Cybersecurity Engineer, Cybersecurity Specialist, etc.) is expected to be high. The rise of blockchain, NFT companies and other fintechs in Toronto, Waterloo and Quebec has illustrated the high demand for this industry. Canada’s labor market is recognized for increasing technological challenges, with the scene rooted in several new solutions such as blockchain, quantum computing and fusion energy. No wonder the country has caught the market’s attention when it comes to looking for talented talent. But what would challenges be without rewards? That’s why the natural question every tech worker asks is, how much does this Canadian market pay? That is what we try to analyze below. Salaries for the 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Canada. We dug deep into Economic Research Institute records to gather salary data for positions listed by LinkedIn. Some occupations are listed with little variation in description (computer graphics supervisor becomes animation director, and production consultant becomes product designer). All average salary values ​​are listed in US dollars. Technical engineers and software developers continue to dominate the top positions. No wonder why they are still the most sought after roles and highest paid. But it is interesting to highlight some specific jobs that are attracting the attention of many tech companies in Canada. An example of this is project managers – listed as e-commerce coordinators. Machine Learning Engineer Tech Recruiters tend to follow Machine Learning Engineers a lot. The Canadian industry has a rich technology environment for programmers to grow and gain job stability at large companies or growing startups. There they should improve their work with the most used libraries: Scikit-Learn Keras MLlib PyTorch Azure Security Engineer A security engineer is a cyber security expert responsible for monitoring and predicting attacks and errors in the company’s network and systems. In a tech sector like Canada, populated mainly by deep tech, the experience and knowledge of someone with this profile is essential. The job of a cyber security expert is mostly proactive. He should anticipate what kind of threats can affect the organization and remedy this vulnerability. Computer vision engineer The work of computer vision engineers involves image analysis in conjunction with A.I. Implementation work. This expert will extract the data and work with machine learning to teach the computer to interpret the scenes. This technology is widely used in the healthcare sector (detection of skin cancer), the automotive industry (prevention of accidents) and manufacturing (safety in the workplace). Data scientists Data scientists are what we can call the “rock stars” of technology. Today, all companies work with data analysis and with the help of algorithms, the one responsible for interpreting and predicting new scenarios is the foundation. Do you want to know your work tools? Then you should know the major popular programming languages ​​(such as Python, Java, SQL and R). Learning how to organize and clean raw data and then use it to design and analyze the datasets important to your organization to make better business decisions is essential. Telecommuting reaches significant increase Jobs in Canada are experiencing an incredible boom in telecommuting. In Q1 2022, 113,000 employees are expected to work remotely from a Canadian province other than a contract agency. Looking at growth since 2016, we see an increase of 796.8% compared to 12,600 remote workers in the same year. Data scientists, machine learning engineers, UX researchers, and many other technical roles benefit from being part of these select creations that can be executed remotely. According to Global Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE), Toronto has the #1 high-tech job growth in North America, and Toronto has the largest high-tech job growth of any city in Canada and the United States. Many professionals are embracing this opportunity and preparing to be a part of this incredibly fast growing market. With this in mind, many workers are looking for the best in-demand skills to avoid being overlooked by Canadian recruiters in 2022. And speaking of technical skills, we have the most sought-after certifications for key jobs. Top 10 Most Wanted Certifications for Companies in Canada Many courses and certifications have shaken up the education of a technical worker. But what are the most in-demand technical certifications in Canada? Education website Simple Learn has listed the 10 most in-demand skills across Canada to answer that question. Top positions are dominated by the areas of cyber security and network/cloud architecture. But it is interesting to note how certifications covering management areas are attentive. These are the skills you need to learn now if you want to be hired for the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada! Not All Digital: The Importance of Soft Skills in Canada The hybrid skill set has a clear prediction of how big a presence technology will have in our lives. In the professional environment, as shown in the paragraphs above, technical jobs are in demand and come with very competitive salaries. However, the professionals most sought after by companies do not make a living from technical skills alone. The report Human: Digital and Soft Skills in the New Economy, published by Brookfield (in partnership with Burning Glass Technologies), examined the Canadian labor market. Analyzed more than 7 million English-language online job advertisements in the country from 2012 to 2018 to find out what skills employers are looking for. The research revealed an interesting conclusion that high-tech roles not only require serious digital skills, but also candidates with soft skills such as communication, organization, writing and presentation. “Jobs that require a high proportion of digitally-intensive skills are more hybrid, and positions also look for communication skills, budgeting, project management,” said Viet Vu, one of the study’s lead researchers. It makes sense when we talk about it. In an industry like Canada, with many investments in deep technology, on-demand jobs are often connected with human power to create positive solutions from digital innovation. Soft skills are also needed to deal with the ethical and cultural issues associated with implementing these disruptions. Some of the skills technologists find valuable, according to the study, include: Planning, the ability to plan your routine in an organized manner to meet deadlines and maintain delivery quality. Don’t get bogged down in complications and simple tasks. A must for a data scientist. Project management is about organizing multiple tasks, and a high-performing team is a task for a few. That is why you need to learn this soft skill that is highly sought after by companies. Research It all starts with good research. You must explore and develop a research methodology that will help you progress in your daily tasks

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