What I Will Be In My Future

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What I Will Be In My Future – People sometimes reach a point in their lives when they decide to do whatever they can to shape their future. One person summed up his decision as follows.

Six months ago, I reached a stage where it was clear to me that there were several paths I could take in life.

What I Will Be In My Future

What I Will Be In My Future

The first option was to keep doing the same things. I got used to the pain and found ways to numb it temporarily. That helped for a while, but then I fell into even more negative cycles.

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Another option was to adopt the habit of doing things that added positive energy to my life and work. It would help me feel happier and maybe it would help other people too.

The third option was to do something radical to completely change my life. There were steps I could take to start down that path, but I was afraid of the uncertainty.

I chose the second path and started doing more things that satisfied me. Being an organized person, this meant making a schedule and planning the week ahead.

My strategy was to do something positive at the beginning of the day. Then I felt like I was setting the program instead of setting it for myself. This approach also helped to integrate good habits. Now I feel ready for the next step in my life.

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Looking back on your life, can you remember a time when you decided to shape your future? Maybe you’ve decided to take more care of your health, develop a more fulfilling career, work toward your life goals, or whatever.

Looking ahead, there were several possible paths you could take. Each choice had consequences, of course, with pluses and minuses. You took your time, thought for a moment and in the meantime created other possibilities.

Looking at the possible routes, you have decided on your chosen path forward. You could do your best, of course, and nothing is guaranteed. But you followed your action plan and worked towards your goal.

What I Will Be In My Future

If you want, try to start an exercise on this topic. This prompts you to describe when you made that decision, the process you went through, and the steps you took. It also asks you to describe what happened as a result of taking these steps.

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Over the past 50 years I have worked with many people in teaching, mentoring and therapy. Much of the work involved people making decisions about shaping their future.

The work often focused on helping people build their strengths, find solutions to challenges and achieve their image of success. The first step was to create a stimulating environment. The next step involved helping individuals, teams and organizations:

Clarify their potential strategies for moving forward and, if appropriate, offer practical tools they can use to achieve their picture of success.

The work involved giving people more options to shape their future lives. If appropriate, she also invited them to help apply the knowledge in their own ways to achieve success.

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Imagine that you are a normally positive person. However, sometimes you may feel confused or depressed when faced with a difficult challenge.

You still have a strong will to solve the problem, but you don’t see how to find a solution. But when you see a way through the problem, the cloud disappears. A sense of hope returns to you and you feel encouraged to tackle this challenge.

We are often told: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. But this expression can be turned around and say, “Where there’s a way, there’s a will.” If people see a way forward, they are more likely to develop the will to make it happen.

What I Will Be In My Future

This approach was explored in a workshop I ran recently. After viewing Rick Snyder’s work, one participant stated the following:

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“One thing I learned during the meeting was the importance of Way Power. Now I can see how this idea can be used to help my team members as well as my children.”

Good educators, mentors and advisors help people expand their repertoire. This increases people’s freedom to shape their future.

Then comes the screeching. By looking at possible paths forward, one can commit to choosing a path. In accepting the pluses and minuses, individuals sometimes take the following steps.

They make a plan of how they will follow the chosen route and put that plan in a place where they can see it every day.

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They find quick success in building momentum and also do something early each day to continue on their chosen path.

They constantly focus on the following questions: “What are the real results I want to achieve? How can I do my best to achieve these results? When can I do these things to get the results I want?

They are encouraged by clarifying: a) concrete things that I do well and how I can do more of them in the future; b) Concrete things I can do better and how.

What I Will Be In My Future

They still follow good habits, find solutions to problems and do whatever it takes to achieve their image of success.

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Let’s go back to your own life and work. As you look into the future, can you think of a specific situation where you could make a decision about the path you want to take in the future?

Maybe you want to change your lifestyle, take the next step in your career, work on your life goals, or anything else. Take some time to think and consider possible ways forward.

Given your destination, what possible routes can you follow? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each route? Which route do you want to follow? How can you follow your chosen path and work towards your image of success?

If you want, try to start an exercise on this topic. This prompts you to do the following.

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Describe a specific situation in which you could make a decision about the path you want to take in the future.2 My Future Family I want to marry someone who is kind to me and treats me well. He must have a university degree. He must love children! I want to have four children: 2 boys and 2 girls!

3 Where I will live My dream is to live in the countryside in a small country house and have horses and a lot of property.

5 My workplace I haven’t thought too much about where I will work. I would love to work from home, but I know it’s quite difficult. But I don’t think I would be happy in an office. Maybe somewhere I can work outside. I think it would be great to be a horse trainer.

What I Will Be In My Future

6 My driving I know EXACTLY what car I want to drive one day! I definitely want a Dodge Ram! That! They are so big and roomy and I will need them if I live in the country!

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I love gymnastics, but I think when I grow up I probably won’t do it anymore! I want to have a beautiful scrapbook like my mom. My dream is to go to Scotland – I want to take my family there one day!

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The best way to make a confident decision is to know what your goals are. When you become more aware of what you want from your life, you will be able to make better decisions. Makes sense, right?

When you are about to make a decision, stop and think… Where do I want to be in a year?

If the answer doesn’t align with or support your goals and dreams, reconsider your decision. Leo, not every single answer will be perfectly aligned with your visions and goals. Please give yourself grace when you do them. Get up, shake yourself off and move forward.

What I Will Be In My Future

Believe it or not, the force is strong within you. You have the power within you to know yourself better than anyone else.

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In my experience, when I ignore what my intuition is telling me, it’s usually because I don’t want to face the reality of the decision I have to make. It’s scary or embarrassing. Even as someone who likes change, I can be inhibited

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