What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

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What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

A future ‘intelligent as God’ could destroy humans or make them ineffective if not used properly, an AI investor has warned.

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A “god-like intelligence” future could lead to the “destruction or destruction of the human race” if there is no regulation of rapid development of the technology, a major AI investor has warned. Financial Times article.

Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI—where machines can understand or learn everything humans can—doesn’t exist yet, but it’s considered a major goal of the fast-growing industry. It comes with a lot of money.

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While some are excited about the financial benefits of AI, such as one former Meta CEO who said that AI will cost trillions by 2030, others warn of the dangers of “nuclear-level disaster.”

Ian Hogarth wrote for the FT: “The three-letter word lock doesn’t capture the full extent of what AGI will represent, so I’ll call it what it is: God as AI.” Hogarth used the word, he said, because such technology could develop on its own and change the world without supervision.

“A god-like military intelligence could be a force beyond our ability or understanding, and one that could lead to the antiquity or destruction of the human race,” he added.

What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

“Until now, humans have remained an important part of the learning process that defines progress in AI. At some point, humans will figure out how to break us out of the loop, creating an AI like the God of can improve itself infinitely,” added Hogarth. “By then, it will probably be too late.”

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Hogarth studied engineering, including computer science, at Cambridge University before co-founding Songkick, a music discovery service which was later sold to Warner Music Group. According to his own website, he has invested in more than 50 machine learning startups, including Anthropic, which was founded by former OpenAI users. He writes an annual report called “The State of AI.”

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia—the chipmaker whose GPUs often use AI—said that calls received recently that AI has grown a million times over the past decade, he and expect the same from the next OpenAI ChatGPT. ten years. , per PC Gamer.

In his FT article, Hogarth said the biggest AIs have the processing power of 100 million more at the same time, based on how many calculations they can do per minute.

He also warned that fierce competition between technology pioneers such as OpenAI and DeepMind with Alphabet was putting unnecessary risks to “God’s intelligence” due to lack of maintenance.

What Will Our Society Look Like When Artificial Intelligence Is Everywhere?

“They run towards the goal without understanding what is on the other side,” he wrote.

In an interview with the New York Times in 2019, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman compared its goals to the Manhattan Project, which created the first nuclear weapons. He described its founder Robert Oppenheimer, saying, “Technology happens because it is possible,” and pointed out that the couple shared the same birthday.

While AGI will have a big impact, Hogarth says whether it’s good or bad may depend on the speed to progress as quickly as possible and how long legislation takes. My friends have heard me say this over and over again. Artificial intelligence continues to “live” more intelligently than human automation. Computers (AI really) will start to take initiative and act with purpose rather than the “quick idiots” we’ve become familiar with in computer programming over the past several decades. In July, I am releasing two articles on this topic. One in unsupervised learning and the other in computer vision. Both are about AI taking precedence over humans.

What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

This is the main idea: we can use the intelligence to take care of us, like a helpful friend. We are on the way where the mental pressure of work will be removed through the growing skills of intelligence. In particular, we can use AI as a tool to improve our production and everything from self-driving cars (supportive learning) to find solutions for screen error messages (either to manage or to body for learning).

Will You Burn The Ai Like You Burned The Witch?

The following example is the subject of recent publications. My colleagues and I developed an AI that looks at the computer screen using only images of the screen and learns to help the user by seeing what the user is doing. Help is provided in the form of clickable buttons. By pressing the button, the advertised action is performed. For example, looking for a swap page stack related to the overall error message on the screen. AI will quickly rise from this low-level task of automating tasks (helping humans) and immediately jump to personal tasks. This seems bad at first, but if it is written big, it will probably be good.

What will self-motivating AI look like? So let’s call Genesis. They must have the ability to perceive like eyes. It will be one or more convolutional neural network (CNN). Some systems will be needed to predict the future based on the past. Perhaps this will be an LSTM method. Some methods of learning rules based on experience will be necessary, such as cooperative learning and networks of policies to guide development. And it will probably have a creative media network (GaN) that will play against itself and make the results of actions. Social networks (RN) and virtual social networks (VINs) can also help with integration. It will require actors and sensors to interact with the world, which I believe will be internet access, audio input/output, and projectors and/or screens. I don’t think robotics makes sense for AI. Why have a body? It makes the movement slow. We don’t have to demonize AI. It’s new.

The path from here to self-motivated intelligence is unclear, but not impossible to see. I don’t believe it’s going to be chance discovery that will bring us mind-blowing intelligence, like a stray bot stock market. No. Researchers will do this on purpose. In science, when something seems possible, geeks work. We’re going to quickly break things down and finally show the show.

This is a good thing though. I’m not one to fear AI. I think it will be interesting to see if humans can accept AI. Meanwhile, our society is successfully embracing automation and the voice of AI continues. This last step—the birth of self-awareness—may be the greatest thing we have ever done. I speak as a father of three; no need for hyperbole.

I Am A Machine, With No Soul Or Heart’: An Interview With Artificial Intelligence

It’s not all counterintuitive, but the future is bright. Yes, we have to solve moral and social problems. Maybe we need a universal capital. Perhaps we should rethink capitalism and change to a form of stardom. Who knows. But for now at least, let’s sit back and enjoy the show. We are not stuck. Progress is fast.

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What Will Artificial Intelligence Be Like In The Future

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This terrible situation is, of course, completely fiction – although, if the naysayers are to be believed, it can be.

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