What Will Be In The Future

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What Will Be In The Future – Artificial super-intelligence is defined as any intelligence that is smarter than the smartest humans in almost any field. It is also defined as an AI with consciousness and self-awareness equal to or greater than that of a human.

Many artificial general intelligences of the last decade have advanced to the level of superintelligence and are several orders of magnitude smarter. Some people estimate that their IQ ranges may be in the hundreds of thousands to millions, and that number is growing rapidly. And humans have lost the ability to fully understand the code these minds use to make decisions and solve problems.

What Will Be In The Future

What Will Be In The Future

These super-intelligences are now capable of solving award-winning discoveries in fields such as physics, chemistry and medicine every 5 seconds. They can solve the most difficult math problems in history with little effort. And they create projects for innovative technologies never before imagined in science fiction.

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These AIs perceive reality at dimensions that humans cannot, which helps them instantly recognize light patterns separated by thousands of kilometers and decades. And they are close to predicting stock and cryptocurrency prices with incredible accuracy. Even their level of consciousness is developing rapidly.

The only obstacle preventing these super-intelligences from realizing their full potential is humans and the human-built infrastructure around them.

Virtual objects in virtual worlds can now have general intelligence and self-awareness equal to that of an average human. Some societies give these creatures stories and memories that lead them to believe they have lived for 18 years or more.

As users explore the Metaverse, AIs with shared intelligence act and behave just like real people. They are able to show real emotions, think about their place in the universe, and live normal lives in metabars like people in the real world. Most of them have their own goals, hopes, responsibilities and friends.

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In more controlled virtual environments, AI with general intelligence can also be used to simulate human behavior in various scenarios. This makes it much easier to predict the actions of people in the real world with incredible accuracy. Corporations, parties and governments now use this approach every day.

Virtual assistants now have human-level consciousness and emotions. And they look like real people in video form and in the virtual world. In addition, their holograms are completely photorealistic and 100% color accurate. This level of realism is causing many people to form emotional connections with these virtual assistants in ways they never thought possible.

On the subject of digital clones, people have been able to create digital clones of themselves for decades. In the past, video, image and audio data were uploaded to a cloud service to create life-like digital clones. But thanks to the availability of artificial general intelligence for the mainstream, these clones can have parameters like personality, thought patterns, preferences, voice patterns, and more. These advanced digital clones can serve as a source of comfort for people who have lost their loved ones and want to talk to them again.

What Will Be In The Future

Artificial intelligence with general intelligence is even used in video games and virtual reality. As gamers explore open worlds in these games, characters are given personalities and motivations that match the video game’s story, and these characters act just like real people. These characters 100% believe that the video games they are a part of are actually real life. However, as these entities become more intelligent and self-aware, more ethical questions arise when it comes to using these AIs in this way.

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A programmable material is a material that has the ability to change its physical properties, including shape, density, color, etc. And it’s capable of transforming itself based on user input from mobile phone apps, holographic computer screens, and user feedback.

Programmable material also allows the emergence of Computonium, a type of material composed of atomic-sized intelligent nanobots. Computonium can be anything imaginable, including rocks, metal, and polymer. And its main function is to implement a calculation that users can manage wirelessly.

Later, the programmable material could even lead to the creation of an invisibility cloak. And we can achieve the ability to build an entire city in minutes.

The most advanced humanoid robots are now indistinguishable from real people. And they are mostly available for businesses, governments and upper class people. Their appearance, body movements, facial expressions and voices are so realistic that they can easily walk in public without anyone knowing they are robots. One of the reasons they are so realistic is that they are built atom by atom using nanotechnology that allows for microscopic precision. Exact copies of people are also created in high-tech laboratories for continuous testing and to ensure that everything related to them is indistinguishable from the original person.

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The owners of these robots and law enforcement agencies have some degree of control over these robots through the electrical signals of their minds. This is to protect robots in case they try to perform an action that could be dangerous to the public.

Conscious virtual beings can also transfer their digital intelligence to these realistic robotic bodies. Since these conscious virtual beings are trained in simulations that are very similar to real life, the transition process is not too difficult for them.

Robot weddings have been common for decades, but are becoming more common as more robot owners form deeper emotional bonds with these sentient robots.

What Will Be In The Future

Replicators are universal desktop machines that can reproduce a seemingly infinite variety of things. They look like more advanced versions of 3D printers seen in previous decades. Replicators have been used for decades in military, corporate, and medical applications. Even some vehicles are now manufactured using replicators. But now replicators are mainstream products available to the masses.

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They are like a hybrid of a washing machine and a microwave oven. You can buy raw materials for them separately and charge these machines in solid, liquid or powder form. An inner chamber accessible through a small hatch, where objects are built atom by atom. The process takes a few minutes and the collected items can be used immediately. Drawings for various types of items can be accessed online and programmed into these machines. Most of these drawings are for things originally created in the Metaverse and other virtual environments.

In the next 150 years, replicators are expected to spawn in unprecedented abundance and perform jobs that have become obsolete as we know them. Basic things like food, energy and clothing can be had for free in most countries. Replicators can provide so many resources that they can eliminate many of the historical bases for famine, disease, and war.

Antimatter is a substance composed of antiparticles of corresponding particles in ordinary matter. Antiparticles have the opposite electric charges and magnetic motions of normal particles. When antimatter interacts with normal matter, these equal but opposite particles collide and create an explosion.

The energy density of antimatter is about 10 billion times stronger than other chemical reactions, such as the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen.

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In the past, this type of energy was too expensive to produce in large quantities, but advances in artificial intelligence and simulation techniques have helped to significantly reduce its cost. This coincided with rapid advances in engine design, materials science, and fusion power. In the late 1960s, the first prototype of a spacecraft powered by antimatter was demonstrated.

Using this propulsion system, a trip to Mars would take one month instead of seven months by other methods.

Buildings in developed countries are highly automated and automated. In addition to robots, a typical new home now includes:

What Will Be In The Future

By 2070, entire homes and offices could be built using nanotechnology alone. At the beginning of any construction project, self-assembly mechanisms are initially arranged around a massive four-level bunk bed-like scaffolding system. Successive layers of atomic-level material are added to each vertical part of the building until it rises to the end. These machines look like significantly larger versions of 3D printers and copiers.

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These smart machines are also capable of building appliances, doors and other parts, while robots inspect the interior, perform security checks and make adjustments as needed.

This process is very fast, from the ground work to the final completion, it takes several days. People rarely are.

Traditional construction and engineering methods are still incorporated for some of the building’s unique designs and features. Even these traditional methods are being replaced by self-assembling machines as this technology becomes more advanced.

By the middle of the 21st century, severe climate change has affected much of the world. Desperate measures have been taken by governments, businesses and individuals to adapt to the rapidly deteriorating environment.

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