What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

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What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture – Free service forwarding “Mindy” has created a digital 3D model that shows how technology could negatively impact human evolution over the next 1,000 years.

Researchers have revealed a terrifying picture of what humans will look like by the year 3000. Free service Forwarding has created ‘Mindy’, a digital 3D model that shows how technology could negatively impact human evolution over the next 1000 years. Reports.

What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

With thick necks, stiff backs and small brains, it’s an ominous sign of what awaits humanity if smartphones and computers remain an integral part of our daily lives.

What Will The Future Of Computers Look Like?

A company spokesperson said: “Technology has changed the way we do business. Whether it’s instant access to unlimited knowledge through a device in our pocket, or using a virtual phone to expand business into new markets around the world. Ability.Numbers, the scope of technology’s impact is limitless and this trend shows no signs of abating.

“While it’s great for job creation, productivity and learning new skills, there’s growing evidence that shows the negative effects technology can have on our bodies. Source. ” Research on the subject and expert opinion, before working with a 3D designer to create a future human whose body has been physically altered by the constant use of smartphones, laptops and other technologies.

Free service Forwarding has created ‘Mindy’, a digital 3D model that shows how humans can grow. (Image: Free Guide)

The researchers said: “The design and normal user habits of modern technological objects such as smartphones and computer monitors have a significant impact on how we sit and stand.

How Will I Look In The Future Apk For Android Download

“Constantly adjusting our position by looking down at a phone or office screen puts pressure on the parts of our body that determine our posture.”

They added: “A closer look at Mindy’s hand reveals two significant anatomical changes directly caused by the use of a particular technological device – a smartphone. A more recently developed condition, ‘text claws’ After constantly washing the smartphone, it happens by washing the fingers. In an unnatural position for a long time.

They continued: “Also known as ‘smartphone elbow’, this causes the arm to move in a particular way when holding and using a smartphone – either for general use or when listening to the phone.” is happening.”

What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

“Returning to Mindy’s condition, the impact of technology on the neck has also resulted in a new condition – aptly named ‘technique’,” they wrote.

What Will Smartphones Cameras Of The Future Look Like?: Digital Photography Review

The researchers also said: “We all know that technology can distract our brains from important tasks, but is it doing any lasting damage to Mindy’s brain?

“If so, how would it be different when trying to limit this damage? Again, research has focused mainly on smartphones. There is growing concern that the radio frequency radiation emitted by smartphones Can cause serious health consequences upon contact with the brain.”

They added: “Another change in Mindy’s appearance is invisible to the naked eye. We can make bigger heads, but if one scientific theory is to be believed, technology can also change the size of our brains.”

“One area we still haven’t got a handle on is the eyes. Research on screens causing headaches, eye strain and even blindness is well known – so how does Mindy’s body cope?

What Will The Car Of The Future Look Like?

“We spoke with Kasuna Ratnayake of the University of Toledo, who proposed a fundamental evolutionary development that could limit the amount of harmful light that reaches our eyes.”

“Humans may have developed a larger inner eyelid to absorb more light, or the eye’s lens may have evolved to block incoming blue light but not other bright lights like green, yellow or red,” Casson said.

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What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

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What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

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What Will We Look Like In The Future?

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What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

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Using AI to create an average or highly stereotypical image of certain objects is the hottest game on the internet these days, but here we thought we’d take a look at the future.

Or at least what the AI ​​thinks the future holds for the human race in 1,000 years, assuming we don’t throw ourselves into the kingdom during that millennium.

We decided to ask AI Midjourney to create images of what it thinks humans will look like in 1,000 years, and you might not like the prediction it made.

What Will The Future Of Hr Look Like In 2030?

According to AI, the fashion of the future will involve covering our faces in a web of cables and buzzing cars.

Honestly, it looks like the AI ​​spent a lot of time looking at concept art for Warhammer 40,000 and decided that our human face immersed in technology was definitely the way our species was headed.

You might think he’s not very handsome, but he could be Mr. Universe in the year 3000. Credit: /Midjourney

What Will I Look Like In The Future Picture

This has some troubling implications for our relationship with technology during this millennium, as the image of AI seems to have well and truly joined us.

What Humans May Look Like In The Future: Webbed Toes; Fewer Teeth And Extra Eyelids

The man from 3000 seems to have sacrificed his own facial skin to make way for all this futuristic technology, and it’s clearly very disturbing.

He doesn’t really look happy, but the AI ​​seems confident in their prediction that this is what we’ll be looking at in about 1,000 years, and they’ve stuck to it in another image they’ve created.

The poor fellow appears to have the same web of wires on his face, but oddly enough his skin appears to be preserved – although that hardly makes the results any less disturbing.

Maybe this is what society’s beauty standards will look like in 1000 years, you should be proud of how many wires you have attached to your face and facial skin is optional.

This Is What Earth May Look Like In The Future; Nasa Reveals Planet, Climate Change

Meet another inhabitant of the future, like Mr. Rook 3000, they have wires all over their faces, but most of them appear to be under the skin. Credits: /Interview

If this is the future

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