Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future

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Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future – Many media outlets declared traditional shopping malls dead in the early days of online shopping. This is not unlike the expectation that Kindle will replace printed books and Netflix will make movie theaters obsolete. Just as we still love reading books and going to the movies on a Friday night, people continue to flock to malls for the convenience, community and personal shopping experience. It’s true that our shopping centers need to change to accommodate our evolving lifestyles, compete with the efficiency of online stores and deliver new experiences for consumers . However, contrary to popular belief, our suburbs are not crowded with thousands of empty shopping malls. While some offer more value in completely different uses, many can endure when they are creatively redesigned to meet changing consumer needs and when they are Integrate better with the surrounding community.

There are four strategies that enable us to innovate our shopping centres, breathe new life into them and provide our communities with new experiences to share and connect with place.

Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future

Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future

The advent of shopping malls brought fashion to the suburbs. They give teens a place to hang out and families a place to eat and buy everything they need at the same time. They are anchored by major department stores, many of which are now bankrupt. Only a select few continue to thrive, a testament to their ability to reinvent themselves as an experiential destination. In addition to these retail innovators, savvy owners and developers are turning to retailers and entertainment venues to attract visitors, while also taking advantage of the darker spaces of department stores. this transformation. A well-thought-out program of experiences—whether for a single tenant or a rotating roster—can revitalize shopping centers, giving people a reason to shop and stay for a while.

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The difficulty with shopping malls of the past was their tendency to operate on an island, an approach that was created by design but is no longer effective in attracting today’s audiences. The shopping centers of tomorrow will be seamlessly connected to their communities. In this way, shopping centers reflect the values ​​and culture of the community while meeting consumer needs. Mixed-use environments allow retail, residential, hotel and other uses to overlap within public green spaces. Retail is the connective tissue of these environments, but is not the only experience on offer. Designed as a local hub rather than a traditional shopping mall, this space will become a neighborhood gathering place where people can shop but also access services. Important daily services: public health, access to fresh food, gyms, and temporary local vendors.

To make these spaces successful, they can no longer hinder the community, because the sign and experience of the parking lots point inwards. In some cases, especially in urban environments, shopping malls are eliminated altogether. In other words, the buildings are deconstructed and turned inside out, stripped of walls and roofs until a new high street emerges, allowing for limited pedestrian and vehicular traffic. return to their central square. The result is more like a city center or upscale commercial street. Currently empty parking lots will be converted into parks and open spaces. Once completed, the remains of the closed island retail center will be barely recognizable.

Some existing shopping malls need to be completely renovated. They can shift their focus from providing consumer goods to serving the consumer industry with distribution and fulfillment centers. Others move into educational or healthcare settings, focusing on technology, life sciences or higher education. Today, shopping centers are often located in key locations near major highways or public transportation routes, playing a vital role in the future success of any development. Which complex? The possibilities to relocate and develop your buildings and facilities are endless.24. JUNE 2021: Today, the team shared a glimpse into the future of experiential retail as they opened the doors to a dazzling new store in New York. The two-story, 7,175-square-foot store on Fifth Avenue is the first ® store to feature the innovative new retail format, the features of which will be introduced to more than 100 stores worldwide next year.

The format is designed by combining unique physical and digital experiences to create an immersive cubic world. It was developed as part of the group’s strategy to improve its stores as shoppers seek more personalized and interactive retail offers. Despite the rapid growth of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores continue to play an important role in strengthening consumers’ bonds with brands and helping people find new products. .

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“For several years, we have seen a trend of people visiting stores for quality and enjoyable brand experiences. Over the past year, our fans have craved direct, personal engagement with the brand, and we can’t wait to welcome them back.

The team spent two years developing a new retail concept and researching what shoppers and children wanted when they visited the store. They found that people wanted more ways to play with bricks, engage in brick-inspired activities, personalize their experience, and have fun.

“While our current store format is very successful, we are developing it further to reinforce brand love and create memorable experiences that people will talk about long after they leave. We want people to walk into our store and feel immersed in the world of tiles. We have designed spaces to promote creativity and imagination, while encouraging hands-on play. Our talented designers have developed brand new experiences that combine the best of groundbreaking customization, technology and physical play, allowing visitors to interact with the brand. signals in exciting new ways.

Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future

New features for the New York store, which will appear in new format stores around the world, include:

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The new store format is designed to be modular and fully flexible to work in stores of all sizes as well as those of third-party retail partners. Over the next year, it will be rolled out to more than 100 stores worldwide as well as selected global partner retailers.

The group currently has about 731 branded stores in 50 countries around the world and plans to open another 120 new stores in 2021. In addition to regular investments, the group continues to invest in Strengthen e-commerce capacity. In 2020, the number of visitors to this online store doubled to a quarter of a billion, and this growth continues in 2021.

“We see significant growth across e-commerce channels, but we also understand the distinct and important role each retail channel plays in building a brand. We continue to invest in innovation across all our channels to create compelling experiences online, in-store and with our retail partners.

– A bookable experience that immerses you in the world of construction, bringing physical buildings to life in the digital world! Join Professor Fizziwigg and the Metaloids on their quest to find the missing controller hidden somewhere in the digital world beyond the portal! Brick Lab offers a uniquely rich and interactive creative experience – one that takes the fun of gaming to amazing new levels. Exclusive to premium products, the 20-minute themed experience uses cutting-edge technology to enliven walls, floors and ceilings with interactive animated content, lights, sounds and music to invite children (and adults) to play virtual games. a world that suits them. Each visitor has the opportunity to meet the characters on screen and let their imagination run wild as they create their own creation, scan their building and then become a living part of the Brick Lab in seconds for both real and virtual play. – help in the mission to save the world!

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– The centerpiece of the new store is The Tree of Discovery, an intricate model that showcases many stories. The tree took 1,900 hours to build and is made from more than 880,000 bricks, symbolizing the team’s commitment to creating a positive impact on society and the planet. The main feature is the dazzling rainbow-shaped stem, which contains loads of wonderful hidden details and secrets for shoppers to discover, such as mini scenes, kaleidoscopes, and photo viewers made from pellets. DUPLO, Technic and System in Play bricks.

– An all-new store area that allows kids, parents and adult fans to express their creativity through fun, creative hands-on experiences and engaging brick builds guide. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase creative works to take home as lasting souvenirs, including a Mosaic Maker and Miniature Factory.

– Take your photo and create your personalized mosaic portrait in just minutes.

Will Retail Stores Exist In The Future

– Allows you to design and create a unique miniature (complete with a brick with your name and a special box) – the perfect souvenir

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