What Will Happen If Racism Continues

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This fall, we hosted community workshops for students, inviting young people to engage in respectful, constructive debate about the most divisive issues of the 2020 presidential election. Organized by the Education Network, they reflect on their experiences with the spread of the coronavirus. And they discuss education, voting and other issues of concern. Across the board they told us “2020 Wake Up Call”.

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

But the discussion that challenged students the most was our Fight for Racial Justice forum, where we asked them to share their thoughts on protests, policing, systemic racism, and more.

Racism, Sexism, And The Crisis Of Black Women’s Health

In the end, the story generated over 2,000 comments, and if you read some of the highlights we’ve included below, we think you’ll see why we thought it was worth summarizing. This forum was unique as we were impressed by the student essays on all our race topics.

Some students shared sad stories of discrimination. Several people told us what it’s like to have family members who are police officers. Many people have written that they are deeply aware of racism for the first time after the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed. In general, young participants expressed a willingness to write honestly about their experiences and to extend themselves to understand the experiences of others.

But the debate is part of an ongoing conversation in American society that also reflects its sharp divisions. Students engaged passionately with core issues such as the existence of white privilege, the extent of systemic racism, the legacy of slavery, the effectiveness of protests, and the role of the police.

Although the conversations do not appear as individual texts in the data table below, it is possible to see how students approached these difficult topics thoughtfully and respectfully. We’ve posted the answers in a thread so you can easily navigate through the different ideas, but clicking on any student’s name will take you back to the original story, where you can read it if you’d like.

Explainer: What ‘critical Race Theory’ Means And Why It’s Igniting Debate

Thank you for your patience while we verify access, if you are a reader, please log in to your Times account or subscribe to the entire period. Racism. Therefore, Eric Deggans said, “Not a racist.” In this episode, he walks us through the steps to anti-racism—in other words, how you try to completely eliminate racism in the world and in yourself.

When the topic of racism comes up, I often think of the ad from the small town of Harrison, Arkansas.

It was a brand promoting a white radio station called White Pride Radio. The logo’s message featured a picture of a beautiful white woman with a cute dog, saying, “Don’t make your people racist.”

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

This may explain why, for people dedicated to fighting racism, saying “you’re not racist” doesn’t feel like enough. Systemic Racism – To effectively defeat racism embedded in the normal culture of institutions such as education and law enforcement, you must work for the equality of all races and eliminate personal and global racism in your mind and environment.

Is The United States A Racist Country?

You may know me as a television critic. But I’ve also spent years studying how systemic racism affects media and society. I wrote a book about it called Race-Baiter, and I gave a TEDx talk about how to talk about race. As a black person who often talks about these topics, I see race, racism, and anti-racism as things that people know about, but often don’t—at least, not as they know.

With the world divided by race and the civil rights reckoning fueled by the police killings of black people like George Floyd and Bronna Taylor, it wants to know how to fight racism now.

After talking to a few experts, the good folks at Kit Life and I came up with a few recommendations.

Suggestion 1: Recognize that we all grew up in a society where white culture is superior to others. Fighting racism means first fighting those thoughts in yourself.

Deep Rooted Racism, Discrimination Permeate Us Military

This is from Anneliese A., who just joined Tulane University as an adjunct assistant professor of diversity and faculty development. One of the key takeaways from my conversation with Singh. He also wrote a workbook on these issues called The Sexual Healing Handbook.

“Everybody in America learns about racism against black people,” Singh said. “I think we have to ask ourselves this question … how does anti-Black racism live within us?”

Supremacy,” used by therapist Resmaa Menakem, emphasizes how racism has visual effects, exalts whiteness, and injures non-whites.

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

He suggested that some people even go through a similar stage of grief after discovering unconscious bias and realizing how much systemic racism affects their views, especially those who are privileged because of their white skin or lightness.

Covid 19 Lays Bare How Racism Fuels Health Disparities Among Black People

“If I’m white or have a lighter skin about how supremacy works, I’m rejected,” she said. “[We] go through that anger with a bit of bitterness…and then when we get accepted, I think that’s when we can really change our lives.”

Tip 2: Study the history of racism and racial discrimination, especially in the United States, to educate yourself about the complexity of the issues you face.

A look at the 2020 bestseller list shows many great books on anti-racism, from Abraham X. Kennedy’s Anti-Racism to

For most whites, he points out, anti-racism involves learning to accept that whites too have a racist culture. I think the main advantage of being white is that white racial culture in America is often considered invisible. There is no direct appeal to white people, some of whom joke that they are uncivilized.

Charts: Racial Disparities Persist Across Wealth, Health And Beyond

People of color can benefit from the same research and integration, Singh said, with a special focus on identifying and preventing any ideas that create colorism or disrespect for other non-white groups. He called the activism of whites among whites “inner whiteness.”

An important note for white people: When people of color tell you about their white experiences, believe them.

“I can’t tell you how many people I see who are anti-racist advocates and interested in starting anti-racist organizations,” Singh said. “But when people of color speak up, they’re like, ‘Oh, well, they’re doing it wrong.’ or ‘This is a (person’s experience).’ “You have a chance to believe what that person says.”

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

Tip 3: Look for movies and TV shows that challenge your assumptions about race and culture and help you dig deeper and learn to see racism in a new way.

What Students Are Saying About Race And Racism In America

Maybe I’m biased, but I’ve always felt that TV shows and movies teach us to aspire to what society can and should be like. (Example: I stand by Morgan Freeman as the black president of the United States

, following the death of George Floyd, opened a global conversation about racism by telling his series 600 Percent to audiences.

Focuses on a white student-centered group while discussing issues such as identity, classism, anti-racism vs. racism, and misogyny. One interesting story involves Reggie Green, a young black student who almost shoots a campus security guard at a party. Reggie then finds the aftermath of this tragic event and his well-intentioned acquaintances trying to check him.

Seamen said Reggie’s videos show how asking a black person about race issues without speaking to the audience can sometimes backfire.

How Historical Racism In Science Continues To Shape The Black Experience

“The whole point is that you care so much about these [characters] that you don’t feel like you’re being taught,” he added. “When you see the gun being pulled from him, he’s had this near-death experience, and now toward the end of the school year, everybody’s coming up to him and saying, ‘Are you okay?’ he asks. Is there anything I can do? “You understand how inadequate that is.”

Simmons points out that viewers tend to ignore TV shows and movies that portray good blacks fighting racism, with the help of well-intentioned whites in the Jim Crow South (in other words, skip the scan).

“You have to feel that the piece was handled in some way because it was vandalized,” Simen said. “[The] crisis is everywhere, it’s a system, and we can’t see it… Racists live in collective blindness. Why is that bad? So, there has to be a moment where you go, ‘Oh! I didn’t. Think about it. “

What Will Happen If Racism Continues

Objective: Open

Critical Race Theory In The Classroom: Understanding The Debate

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