Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

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Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

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These Are The Most Compatible Star Signs For Love

If you are looking for a potential candidate for your bride/groom but don’t know where to look, I highly recommend reading this article. Placement of Venus can get marriage partner for men. Marriage partner for women can be found in Jupiter position. The lord of the 7th house and its position are also of great importance. If you know how to read a birth chart, check the position of Jupiter (for women) and Venus (for men). The placement house and its portfolio determine where you will find your next partner.

The first house represents physical appearance and mental abilities. You can find your future partner by describing your physical abilities and positive character traits at a marriage venue, at a party that you organize yourself, at a body care facility such as a gym or spa. Even on social networking sites.

Your partner will be attracted to your physical appearance, hearing about your great character or judging your personality. So try to show your positivity to your potential life partner as much as possible.

The second house is family, your wealth and your speech. You can find your future partner at a family gathering, with the help of family members, or after showing wealth. You can sing a romantic song and propose to your partner.

When Will I Meet My Future Husband?

Even if you find your partner in other ways, they will most likely be attracted to your savings, your family or your melodious voice.

Third house rules communications, media, board meetings, short trips, networking and public relations. Jupiter/Venus in the third house offers a wide range of options. You find your partner at a short distance, in an office meeting, chatting on a social networking site, or doing a project in college or office.

Consider whether a potential partner is attracted to your communication skills, your love of travel, or your ability to make things happen on a project. So improve these skills and your partner will call you anytime. Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to communicate your feelings to the object of your affection.

Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

The fourth house is mother’s house, homeland, land affairs, transport and agriculture. You are likely to meet your future partner at home, with a little help from your mother, or while studying at school or college.

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Try to make a good impression in your home, keep it tidy and your chances of finding a partner will increase. Not only that, you can meet your life partner while studying in school or college. In addition to this, a partner can also appear when dealing with land or any matter related to land and travel. Partners can be greatly influenced by the way you travel, the land you own, and the wealth you possess. So show them as much as you can.

The fifth house rules politics, entertainment, art, literature, knowledge and popularity. Any of these places can give you your future life partner.

Try to maintain an active interest in all these matters. In any case, try to stay in the public eye and sooner or later you will attract the attention of your future partner. Your future partner is attracted to the idea that you are smart or extremely popular.

Sixth house rules debt, illness, service and sports. The chances of finding your partner seem slim, but look at your workplace, attend sports events, try to meet the sick and injured, and sooner or later you will catch the eyes of your partner, show love for animals, especially men with the planet Venus. in the 6th house. The partner can also come with the help of the mother’s relatives.

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At work, sympathize with your subordinates, show love for animals (if you are a male and Venus is in the 6th house), try to show your skills in sports, ask your mother’s relatives to help you find an ideal partner and, most of all, for the sick, the sick. , owes.and maintains a friendly attitude towards the sad. Your partner will be attracted by your helpful nature, good attitude towards subordinates and sick people or sports skills. You can also try to take initiation in one of these fields.

The seventh house rules your life partner, business partnerships, financial contracts, legal contracts and litigation. Any of these places can get your life partner

Your partners will be attracted by your business acumen, understanding of legal procedures, handling of legal contracts or your business sense. Even if a partner comes through family ties, social networks, matrimonial sites, or other places, that partner is likely to be attracted to your ability to negotiate deals, contracts, and legal agreements. So keep a close eye on these areas for future life partners.

Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

The eight houses rule hidden wealth, in-laws, taxes, secret knowledge and death. Obviously, matters concerning the 8th house are best kept secret. So it is advisable to see where the 7th house lord is to find your partner. Kundli house and astrological sign determine where you will find your future partner. There is also a chance that your future in-laws will come with a marriage proposal for their beloved daughter or son.

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After all, a partner is attracted to your hidden assets or enchanted by your secret knowledge. Once you feel comfortable, it may be time to tell your partner about your hidden assets or talents. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to find a partner unless there are other favorable aspects in the 7th house.

The ninth house represents places of religious worship, enlightened gurus or guides who give sound advice in times of trouble, master’s degrees, post-graduate degrees, long-distance travel, philosophical debates, religious seminars, or elderly people seeking higher education. Any of these locations or themes can produce your potential bride/groom. Even if the partner comes from elsewhere, her source of choice can be any of the aforementioned portfolios ruled by the 9th house.

For Jupiter/Venus in the 9th house, always remember to look carefully for a potential partner during higher studies, show your knowledge in a religious seminar or a philosophy class. Your partners will be attracted to your knowledge, your religious practices, your love of travel, your caring for the elderly, or your one guru/teacher.

Tenth house rules career, father, mother-in-law, boss, leadership roles and workplace. You can meet your future partner while doing business, in the office, doing outdoor marketing, running an office project, or even in an educational project you choose to run. Your father, future mother-in-law or boss at work can fix you up with your future partner. Whether you find your partner through social media, matrimonial sites, or other means such as arranged marriages, one of the above factors helps determine your suitability for a prospective partner. Venus in the 10th house for men can get a partner in a career related to design, fashion, sweet shops or entertainment. Women with Jupiter in 10th house should focus on professions like education, government jobs, public service and charity.

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With Jupiter/Venus in the 10th house, your partner is drawn to your career position, your leadership qualities, or the way you work with superiors at work. Try getting started at your workplace and you’ll get a hint from your next partner.

The eleventh house represents gains, friendships, regular income and your network contacts. You can contact your partner in a friend’s party using your many contacts, showing your income or contacting all your contacts. A contact can help you find your partner, or a contact you keep in touch with can be your future partner. Try to advertise your desire for a marriage partner on websites and papers. The chances of getting an answer are very high.

A potential Jupiter/Venus partner in the 11th house is attracted to your ability to generate regular income, your ability to get along, your way to friends, or your ability to keep in touch with your vast network. So always improve these skills and your partner will call you anytime.

Where Will I Meet My Husband Astrology

The twelfth house rules prisons, monasteries (ashrams), research programs, financial losses, paternal relatives and foreign countries. Not the best place to find a potential partner, but try a foreign trip if you are studying for a PhD, try your luck in this field, ask your paternal relatives for help. you can find

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